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  • EngineeringEnvironmentInternationalLiabilityPropertyTransport

    Do you insure your foreign risks locally? A conventient guide

    International business calls for a special approach when it comes to insurance. Many companies, aiming for global success, consciously opt for an...
    10 September 2020
  • International

    2020 WBN Broker Ranking

    ADD is (still) proud to be part of the largest independent network of insurance brokers in the world as an exclusive partner for Belgium. More about...
    03 August 2020
  • Human Capital

    Temporary unemployment: don't forget your obligation to inform about group insurance!

    In periods of temporary unemploymen t, employers do not have to pay group insurance contributions. As a result, temporarily unemployed people usually...
    15 June 2020
  • Trade credit

    How to qualify for credit insurance during economic downturn

    Many companies that did not have credit insurance pre-Covid-19 are now rushing to find a reliable agent willing to take on their risk portfolio. This...
    28 May 2020
  • Fleet

    Obligatory soon! The 'white' green card

    From 1 July 2020 , the international motor insurance card may no longer be printed on green paper. All new insurance cards must then be printed on...
    20 May 2020
  • Prevent cybercrime in your organization with these practical tips

    Prevention is better than cure. ADD is always there for you with an optimal cybercrime and fraud insurance, but is also happy to give you the...
    08 May 2020
  • Rate increase LAR as of 01.04.2020

    LAR will apply a rate increase of 2.5% to the individual legal aid products from 1 April 2020. This rate adjustment will apply to new cases and to...
    05 May 2020
  • FleetProperty

    Your business temporarily shut down by corona? Put an end to these risks

    As a result of the corona crisis , many companies have had to cease their activities due to force majeure. Homeworking is the new standard and the...
    03 April 2020
  • ADD takes measures

    ADD takes measures during this corona crisis in accordance with government guidelines. The welfare of our employees and our customers is of paramount...
    16 March 2020
  • ATTENTION ! On Thursday, March 5, ADD is closed

    ! Click here for more info !
    27 February 2020
  • When hackers ask for ransom... Are you better off paying or not?

    Unfortunately, anyone who thought that a well-secured company did not have to worry about cyberattacks is mistaken. The recent ransomware attacks on...
    28 June 2019
  • Prevent your yard from being shut down. Take care of your civil liability insurance for contractors!

    Many contractors do not yet meet the new insurance requirement for ten-year civil liability , which has been in force since 1 July 2018. As a result...
    20 September 2018
  • The impact of GDPR on fighting cybercrime

    You may already know that GDPR has an impact on the privacy of European consumers and that you will have to be more careful with sensitive data. But...
    19 June 2018
  • Close monitoring: results of the satisfaction survey

    As insurance architects we not only give advice, we like to receive it too! To get a better idea of your opinion, we organise a satisfaction survey...
    10 January 2018
  • Liability

    Insurance spotlight: employment practice liability

    A new year means new challenges and new risks, also for HR managers. ADD is happy to keep you informed about changes in the market. The employment...
    10 January 2018
  • Fraud, the missing expense item on your balance sheet?

    Theft of data, misappropriation of money, tampering with company cars and fuel cards, etc… Your company is vulnerable to fraud in various areas...
    21 December 2017
  • Environmental insurance only all-round insurance for environmental damage

    What if your business premises and those of your neighbours become contaminated? Do you think ‘that won’t happen to me’ or ‘other insurances will...
    21 December 2017
  • Fleet

    Tips for safe traffic in winter weather

    Dear customer, We had the first night frost, car windows are freezing up and the roads are becoming slippery. At ADD, we are happy to help you assess...
    14 November 2017
  • SprintPack Logistics: "ADD detects changes in the marketplace so that we can absorb new risks"

    Businesses are inevitably at risk. SprintPack Logistics, a logistics service provider, has therefore been well insured through ADD for many years...
    09 October 2017
  • Environment

    Impact of hurricanes and earthquakes on fire insurance premiums

    Harvey, Irma, Maria and a major earthquake in Mexico: in recent weeks, natural disasters have caused a great deal of damage in and around Central...
    09 October 2017
  • Do you give a wage increase or an equivalent advantage? (Sector agreements 2017-2018)

    Early this year the social partners reached a wage agreement for 2017-2018. This year and next year, wages in the private sector will increase with a...
    09 October 2017
  • Engineering

    Prevention measures are worth the investment

    A dusty, slippery floor with a work table, no safety glasses or shoes, too much wood dust in the air; these are just a few examples of possible...
    09 October 2017
  • Interview with Dirk van Liempt, on balance and commitment

    What is one of the biggest concerns of the CEO of an insurance company these days? Read more about it in this interview with Dirk Van Liempt, CEO of...
    25 June 2017
  • Expansion ICT Care: business interruption cloud service

    Despite an increasing demand for cybercrime insurance, too few companies correctly estimate the damage caused by cybercrime. However, business...
    17 June 2017
  • Productive start on a leap day: The story behind the ADD company film

    February 29, 2016: a leap day and therefore an extra workday. Not a day to just be lost, but an excellent opportunity to work on team building and...
    15 June 2017
  • The business interruption insurance: the life insurance of your company

    An accident happens quickly. With the business interruption insurance, you can safeguard the continuity of your company. This insurance covers the...
    11 June 2017
  • Engineering

    The dangers of the new privacy regulations: How to protect yourself?

    On May 25, 2018 the new European privacy regulations will enter into force. Companies and organisations that process (personal) data, better prepare...
    06 April 2017
  • Trade credit

    Update: the latest trends in credit insurance

    Credit insurance protects you against financial loss as a result of a default or bankruptcy of customers. For this reason, we will keep you informed...
    07 March 2017
  • International

    Things you need to know about international insurance

    Growing internationally is exciting and challenging but also fraught with risks. Each expansion leads you into an unknown legal area, while different...
    17 January 2017
  • Fleet

    Simplify your fleet management by unbundling your insurance policies

    Simplify your fleet management by unbundling your insurance policies
    16 January 2017
  • Human Capital

    mypension.be: the site is now extended to cover supplementary pensions

    Employees and self-employed people who are or were covered by a supplementary pension scheme of their (former) employer can now consult the details...
    09 January 2017
  • Human Capital

    DKV past indexatie toe vanaf 2017

    DKV past indexatie toe vanaf 2017
    02 December 2016
  • Fleet

    6 tips to travel the winter roads safely

    Dear customer, White, wintery landscapes, red noses and … misery on the road. Here are some tips for those of you who have to cope with the traffic...
    22 November 2016
  • e-Gor, butler in pension accrual for our self-employed clients

    In order to offer you an even better service, we are making your pension dossier fully available electronically. We are getting started with e-Gor, a...
    15 November 2016
  • InternationalTransport

    Update: the Hanjin shipping company almost bankrupt, and your transport insurance

    Early September it was announced that the South-Korean shipping company Hanjin was in financial trouble. Where do we stand today, and where do you...
    10 November 2016
  • Employee Benefits : Blue-collar vs white-collar

    Employee Benefits : Blue-collar vs white-collar
    08 November 2016
  • ADD is helping the public authorities to find their way through the insurance labyrinth

    The new law on public contracts that was approved in June 2016 does not make taking out an insurance policy any easier for (local) authorities. It is...
    08 November 2016
  • Teleworking: are you insured correctly?

    An increasing number of people are teleworking. But what happens if you have an accident while you are teleworking? How do you manage this kind of...
    08 November 2016
  • ADD goes digital!

    Had enough of chaotic binders full of insurance papers? Did you know that ADD can give you online access to all your insurance policies and damage...
    08 November 2016
  • International

    Easy worldwide risk management via WBNet

    Does your company know exactly which insurance policies it has currently running? At which conditions? And in which countries? Do you dispose of all...
    08 November 2016
  • International

    Commercial Risk Europe : Communication is all with global programes

    Commercial Risk Europe - European Insurance & Risk Management News Bart Vanoorbeek , international manager at ADD , the Belgian representative of...
    14 August 2016
  • International

    The 4 to do’s of risk managers, brokers and insurers for a successful international insurance programme

    The 4 to do’s of risk managers, brokers and insurers for a successful international insurance programme Most international companies and...
    08 July 2016
  • Trade credit

    Update on the credit insurance

    Yes, you can get insurance against defaulters, through your credit insurance. A lot is happening in this sector; we are pleased to give you an update!
    08 July 2016
  • Property

    Tips & tricks to minimize the risk of fire

    There is a lot of sense and nonsense being said about fire prevention. Below we offer you a number of useful tips. Remember that the most common...
    08 July 2016
  • Paul Poll gives an overview of current market trends

    Dear reader, Welcome to our second Paul Poll. In this edition, we examine the most common risk, fire. Prevention is better than cure, here are some...
    08 July 2016
  • Trade credit

    Renovation without financial worries for Shared Ownership Schemes

    Do you belong to a Shared Ownership Scheme/Are you co-owner of a real estate and is it planning a renovation of the common areas? ADD is introducing...
    02 May 2016
  • A summary of the most important changes to the law on group insurance

    For a while now, the minimum return guarantee on supplementary pension schemes has been an item of discussion. In addition, there have been questions...
    28 April 2016
  • ADD: your number one provider of option and warrant plans

    ADD is extending its services to cover staff fringe benefits so you can now get in touch with us for option plans and warrant plans. If you offer a...
    22 April 2016
  • Transport

    Motorway tolls

    As you know, as of April 1st, all Belgian and foreign heavy goods vehicles have to pay mileage charges. They are paying to use the main motorways in...
    21 April 2016
  • Human Capital

    A summary of the most important changes to the law on group insurance

    For a while now, the minimum return guarantee on supplementary pension schemes has been an item of discussion. In addition, there have been questions...
    21 April 2016