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Productive start on a leap day: The story behind the ADD company film

15 June 2017


On February 29, 2016, ADD organised a ‘BIS’ Day (Buitengewoon Interactief Samen: Extraordinary Interactive Together) which almost all employees from Heverlee and Merelbeke attended. The goal was to stimulate mutual cooperation and get new ideas. The employees were divided into groups who each worked on a project to further improve ADD. Examples include: refurbishing the dining room, designing a relaxation room, implementing flexible working hours, making a company film, …

Everything starts with a good plan. During the brainstorming, the company film group came up with the idea of making a movie in the style of the “Day by Day” videoclips from the series “Man Bijt Hond”. Someone draws something, erases it and then draws something new to tell a story ("stop-motion"). Jean Schoubben, specialist employee benefits at ADD, suggested that his son could draw the company film. As a graphic designer he creates all kinds of designs (illustrations, sketches, animations, ...) under the name 'Bearpoo'.

After the first proposal, the working group was very enthusiastic and officially given a green light to draw the company film. The video explains from A to Z how ADD works with you to realise your plans: from mapping your risks and finding solutions, to the personal team around you and the digital overview through ADD Connect. The company film is available in three languages and is narrated by ADD employees.

In November, the film was premiered for all our staff during the staffing event. There were many promising responses. Kathleen Timmerman, the driving force behind this project, is also very pleased: “We are very proud of the end result. The film explains ADD in a simple and clear manner. The many positive responses from both employees and customers are a great reward for our commitment.”

You can also admire this illustration in ADD's entrance hall. The QR code associated with it refers to the full video.

See our company film here




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