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The impact of GDPR on fighting cybercrime

19 June 2018


You may already know that GDPR has an impact on the privacy of European consumers and that you will have to be more careful with sensitive data. But do you know what impact GDPR has on the fight against cybercrime? We examine the most important consequences.

Fighting cybercrime and data management are becoming a hot topic

One of the consequences of GDPR is that every company that has European personal data in its database is obliged to report data leaks within 72 hours. Otherwise, you risk fines of two to four per cent of your worldwide turnover. To communicate correctly about data leaks, you need IT and legal expertise. But even more important is to study ways to prevent data leaks.

WHOIS data is no longer public

Another consequence of GDPR is that WHOIS data is no longer publicly available. Thanks to that data, you could previously trace whether a particular domain name, domain administrator or domain owner was rogue. Now it is becoming much more difficult to track down cybercriminals. Specialists therefore suspect that the number of cases of cyber crime will increase.

What can you do?

Fortunately, you are not helpless: there are plenty of measures that you can take immediately to protect your business:

  • Raise awareness on the work floor to use data sensibly. Inform your employees, for example, about common forms of Internet fraud.
  • Take out cybercrime insurance as soon as possible: we suspect that the tightened conditions and increased risks will result in higher premiums.
  • Choose a policy that attaches great importance to assistance and in which you can count on the help of specialists.
  • Choose a policy that offers you worldwide assistance. After all, although GDPR is a European measure, the approach differs from country to country. An insurance agent who has an extensive network of locally anchored legal experts, such as ADD, can best assist you.

Do you have any further questions about the impact of GDPR on your business? Your insurance architect is ready to help!

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