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e-Gor, butler in pension accrual for our self-employed clients

15 November 2016


In order to offer you an even better service, we are making your pension dossier fully available electronically. This refers to extra-legal capital– the so-called 2nd and 3rd pillars. Practically, it refers to your Individual Pension Commitment(s), the Private Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed and anything you have saved by way of private savings, as well as an overview of the Risk Guarantees you may have subscribed to, such as Death Cover or Guaranteed Income. We are getting started with e-Gor, a secured, online platform, specifically for pension dossiers. e-Gor turns a paper pension file into an interactive online document. This IT solution is a digital platform with four parties: ADD, the principal insurer, yourself and your accountant.

When you log in into e-Gor, you can consult the capital you have saved and what it represents by way of monthly interest. You can follow up additional payments you have made and you can grant your accountant access as well, so it is easier for him to co-operate with us in order to keep your pension dossier up-to-date, and to optimize it. He can fill in your wage data online, and easily check whether you have exceeded the fiscally acceptable limit of 80% through the platform. Should you have the option to make additional payments, we will inform you immediately.

At present, there are already six insurance companies who make their pension dossiers available online through e-Gor. In any case, ADD inputs your entire dossier, including when you work/ or ever have worked with a different company.

Are you self-employed and do you have a Life Insurance with us? Contact your Account Manager for you e-Gor login!



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