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Do you insure your foreign risks locally? A conventient guide

10 September 2020


International business calls for a special approach when it comes to insurance. Many companies, aiming for global success, consciously opt for an integrated international insurance programme with a central starting point. Such a global programme generally provides them with better and more transparent coverage than local insurance, and it makes compliance easier. However, in some cases it still pays to take out one or more local insurances.

Global programme? Or local insurance?

ADD favours a uniform international approach. Therefore we are  proud to be the only Belgian insurance broker to be a member of WBN (Worldwide Broker Network). Thanks to their software tool WBNet, you get a crystal clear overview of your international insurance programme in one (digital) place. But that does not mean that local insurance cannot be of interest to you: our experts therefore check for all our clients whether local policies might be more advantageous in terms of guarantees, exemptions, management costs, etc. and so on and they are also reported on WBNet.

Local insurance sometimes compulsory

You may also be required to take out one or more local insurance policies in certain countries because of your specific profile or activities. Our insurance architects will be happy to check this for you.

Lost in the foreign forest? ADD is there for you

International business is never without risk. Laws abroad are different and liability rules apply differently from ours. It is your responsibility to check whether you need to take out local insurance (or several). You have no idea which insurances are compulsory outside Belgium, let alone how to best cover your company against the specific risks your company runs in a particular country? ADD is your insurance guide abroad! Feel free to contact our insurance architects for a no-obligation consultation.


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