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Close monitoring: results of the satisfaction survey

10 January 2018


To measure your satisfaction, we asked three questions:

  • How do you rate our current collaboration?
  • What do you consider the most important aspect that ADD should address as a priority in order to optimise/improve our collaboration with you?
  • Which aspect/facet in our current collaboration means an added value for you and your company?

In total 106 people answered the three questions. We achieved an average score of 8 out of 10: a great distinction! The scores ranged from 4 to 10 out of 10:

From the answers to question two, we learn what we have to work on within ADD. The response time appears to be a stumbling block for some. More proactivity is also requested, among other things by providing more frequent status updates on the current dossiers. We will address these issues as a matter of priority in order to further improve our cooperation.

For others, response time and proactivity were in fact a plus for ADD (question three). You also appreciate the spontaneous improvement proposals and the transparency about rates and/or possible guarantees. In addition, the personal contact and typical three-pronged structure of ADD (account manager - claims manager - customer advisor) also adds value to our collaboration.

Your opinion is very important to everyone at ADD, which is why we immediately started working with the results. The answers were first thoroughly examined by our management. Then, all our employees, from account manager to policy and claims manager, were updated on our conclusions and points of action.

Our points of action:

  • The insurance sector is a traditional sector: it may take some time to set something in motion. Therefore, the response time sometimes does not match expectations. We, as insurance architects, will take a practical approach in this matter by making even greater use of electronic data exchange with insurers and other parties. This is how response times could be shortened considerably.
  • Through smoother communication with insurers, we can focus even more on our core activities: assessing risks and protecting you by devising the right insurance solutions tailored to your needs.
  • To keep you up to date on current affairs, we will continue to build ADD Connect. Via our online platform you can consult your files digitally and have 24/7 access to information on your insurance policies and claims files. Nevertheless, we still attach great importance to personal contact with you.

“At ADD we are very satisfied with the results of the survey,” says CEO Dirk Van Liempt. “Of course, we won’t sit back and relax. We will use these points of action to define our future strategy. The positive feedback is a great incentive for our employees to continue their best efforts.”

Your opinion remains valuable to us. We therefore ask you to pass on (additional) feedback via aubrey.cool@add.be or +32 9 324 23 51.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

The ADD team


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