Architects of your security

You are bound to have ambitious plans for your business. You are keen to make progress, to grow, expand and build upon your success. You obviously need some backing in order to achieve these aims. In fact you are looking for a partner who spares you the need to have to look backwards.

ADD is the partner you are looking for. Our status as insurance architects means that we are first of all visionaries: specialists who look ahead with a full knowledge of the facts while assessing the risks you have not yet thought about. We are also thinkers. Expert architects who do not just offer you a bunch of policies but draw up a plan for protecting your business. But make no mistake: when push comes to shove we can be tough go-getters, not afraid of getting their hands dirty and give it all we have got for your business.

You can count on ADD as a partner offering security to your plans.

Protection against business risks

Entrepreneurship is not a high-risk occupation but your business is vulnerable. ADD has compiled a list of key risks for each sector and type of company so you can see straight away what gaps still need to be filled.

Meet your team

ADD employs more than 100 specialists but we are very serious about maintaining a personal touch. You can rely on a small permanent team who knows your case inside and out. You can telephone or e-mail them at any time – they will spring into action right away if necessary.

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